1st Extreme Sports Expo International Exhibition Greece 9-11 October 2020
For the first time in Greece, the International Extreme Sports Exhibition

EXTREME SPORTS EXPO Greece 2020 2020 is an exhibition 100% targeted for professionals and lovers of extreme sports.

It is being held for the first time in Greece on 9-11 October 2020 at the MEC Paiania, with the sole purpose of meeting all the action sports professionals and equipment suppliers.

The ultimate goal of EXTREME SPORTS EXPO Greece 2020 which focuses on being Europe's premier exhibition event, is:
1) Visiting - informing - entertaining visitors with leading companies and clubs.
2) B2B communication between major tourism exhibitors offices, tour operators, hotel units, VIP companies and Deals companies in order to expand the partnership of all participants.


MEC PAIANIAS 301 Athens-Lavrion Ave. Paiania Attica


09-11 OCTOBER 2020



A technology company that innovates in exhibiting

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With a 20-year career in manufacturing and interior design, Tsemperlidou Paraskevi has written a story with her successful impacts in these two industry sectors. Her support of EXTREME SPORTS EXPO Greece 2020 takes on an important role in the personal contact with each exhibitor, both from her and her valued partners, guaranteeing the proper organization of the exhibition to all the sectors.


The Mediterranean Exhibition Center - MEC has been operating since 1989, hosting a large number of trade and consumer exhibitions, as well as conference, corporate, cultural and recreational events.
Located on Athens-Lavrion Avenue 301 (see map in Paiania Attica) it is directly accessible both via Lavrion Avenue (No. 301) and Attiki Odos (Exit 17 - Kantza).
MEC has a single showroom of 12,000 sq.m. with an expansion perspective of an additional 6,000 sq.m. covered exhibition space as well as 35,000 sq.m. outdoor parking.
The exhibition room is located on the ground floor, having the following amenities: air conditioning, spacious environment with a very high ceiling and free of columns, with comfortable cargo entrances , fire safety systems, security lighting, loudspeaker facilities , Wi-Fi, exhibition facilities network (electricity, water supply, sanitation), medical office, café-bars and telecommunications network.
MEC SA - Mediterranean Trade Exhibitions is the management company of MEC.
From the summer of 2011 until today, the new MEC Management has carried out a series of building interventions aimed at improving the facilities in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
At the same time, it has upgraded its services to provide flexibility and convenience to its users (organizers, exhibitors, visitors).